Deli-Cat service means you are able to go on holiday or business trip, knowing that we are, personally, caring for your cat/pets(s).

  • If you would like to use this service for the very first time, we will arrange to visit you at your home.
  • At this (free) initial meeting, we will meet your cat/pet(s) and you can tell us anything that we need to know with regard to likes, dislikes, routines, habits, special diets, medications, favourite toys, etc.
  • We then make daily visits to your cat/pet(s) over your agreed period.
  • Reference’s available on request.
  • On the  second meeting (free) you will have to give us a spare set of house keys and if you have a security system, you will need to show us how this operates.  Payment will also be required for the agreed period.
  • The welfare of our clients’ cat/pet(s) is always our primary concern, and to ensure that each cat/pet receives sufficient time and attention.

Should your return be delayed or should you wish to extend your holiday or trip, you can phone us and we will continue to visit your cat/pet(s) for a further period according to your instructions.